I get bored doing one thing.

So, I play guitar, write and sing songs, visit museums, and spend my free time mapping out my family tree. Did you know my ancestor Edward Doty went down in history as the first man in Plymouth Colony to spend a night in the stocks for starting a sword fight in the town square? True story.

I'm from New York City originally, but I have lived in Upstate New York, Rhode Island, Ireland, and most recently, Montana. I received my B.A. in American Studies from Skidmore College and my M.Phil in Public History and Cultural Heritage from Trinity College Dublin. Since 2015, I have served as a board member of The Root & The Bloom Collective, an arts & humanities nonprofit which I co-founded.

In my free time, I write music, make jewelry, create collage and fiber art. I also consume massive amounts of television, music, literature and film. I also like to write about these things (see blog for inconsistent posts every few months).

Other interests include: American social mythologies, alternative education, singing in public, playing with large dogs, and making history FUN.